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Get the Nose You Want

With your body, despite all the possibilities for plastic surgery, some things you have to live with. For instance, if you’re short, there’s nothing that can be done, except maybe wearing tall shoes. The same is true is you feel your hands are too big or too small. Or if you have a big Tony...  read more

Breast Reduction Without the Scars

One of the drawbacks of female breast reduction is the extensive scarring that accompanies the procedure. Because the need for access to tissue, the typical incision (and corresponding scar) circles the areola and drops down to the breast crease and moves outward. This incision/scar forms an anchor shape. But Dr. Moskovitiz is an expert in...  read more

Sculptra, the Long-Lasting Filler King

If you lived in a cave like Gollum from The Hobbit and never saw the light of day your skin would still age. Rude as this is, it’s called intrinsic aging. The main driver of intrinsic aging is a drop in collagen production — every year after you turn 20 your body produces one percent...  read more


BIKINI SEASON IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT - $500 OFF  Suddendly everyone is seeking a curvaceous, rounded posterior.  Receive a $100 gift certificate to VICTORIA'S SECRET to help you show off that new bod! LIPOSUCTION - Flatten that tummy and shrink that waist! Special promotional pricing: FULL ABDOMEN ONLY $3000 PRICING DOES...  read more

Botox — the World’s Most Popular King of Dynamic Wrinkles

Botox has been around for decades. It has been used to treat migraine headaches, TMJ symptoms, involuntary eyelid spasms, and an assortment of other conditions. But Botox really got its groove on in 2002. That was the year the FDA approved Botox for the cosmetic treatment of wrinkles and lines. Ever since, it has become...  read more

Get Rid of Those Stubborn Fat Pockets with Liposuction

Everyone has them — stubborn pockets of fat that are indifferent to your most diligent efforts to remove them. You try dieting. You try exercise. But the fat pockets just keep keeping on. Maybe it’s time to give those fat pockets the treatment they deserve and suction them away with liposuction by Dr. Moskovitz. Not...  read more


Breast Augmentation

For a woman, breast size can be an integral part of self-confidence. Adequate breast size can make a woman feel proportionate and feminine. Breast augmentation can change the way a woman feels about herself, and can change her life. If you’re considering breast augmentation, the first step is a consultation with Dr. Moskovitz. Together, you’ll...  read more


Consultations are free.  Call us at 973-225-1101 to find out what your options are.  We can help you unleash your best self.  (And thanks Nicki!)    


Our #1 source of new patients?  Referrals from our existing patients!  To thank you for referring your friends and family members. Image Plastic Surgery is now offering a $500 credit toward a future procedure when you refer a new patient  to our practice.  The best part?  You can receive credit for as many patients as you refer!...  read more


Suddenly everyone seems to be seeking a curvaceous, rounded posterior.  We have performed a significant number of this popular procedure, and our patients are thrilled with their newfound curves.  What some people might not realize is that this is generally a two part procedure - in most cases, we suction the fat from where it...  read more

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Thank you for an excellent breast augmentation and tummy tuck. I couldn't ask for more. Your staff is the best, very professional and very understanding. I am thankful that I chose you as my surgeon...


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