Breast Reduction Without the Scars

Breast ReductionOne of the drawbacks of female breast reduction is the extensive scarring that accompanies the procedure. Because the need for access to tissue, the typical incision (and corresponding scar) circles the areola and drops down to the breast crease and moves outward. This incision/scar forms an anchor shape.

But Dr. Moskovitiz is an expert in a scarless option for breast reduction patients who generally need to get rid of extra fat. This is a good option for the reduction of large breasts, but also for women whose breasts are uneven.

Who’s right for “scarless” breast reduction?

Scarless breast reduction with Dr. Moskovitz involves liposuction, so, just as in typical body liposuction, the procedure removes pockets of fat. Along that line, patients with more fatty tissue in the breasts are good candidates for the scarless procedure. In contrast, women with more glandular tissue or women who have experienced a good deal of sagging are not right for this liposuction option. In those cases, glandular tissue needs to be removed with traditional breast reduction surgery, while issues of sagging can often be remedied with a breast lift.

The scarless procedure

Dr. Moskovitz performs this procedure similar to traditional tumescent liposuction. After the patient has received intravenous sedation, Dr. Moskovitz then injects the breast with a saline solution that also includes lidocaine (an anesthetic to reduce pain) and epinephrine (adrenaline that constricts blood vessels and minimizes bleeding and corresponding bruising). Next, he inserts the cannula through a tiny ¼ inch incision and the fat and excess liquid is suctioned out.

The procedure takes only a fraction of the time required for traditional reduction surgery, and the recovery is far easier. The procedure usually takes an hour or less. Sutures are not needed, as the small incisions are simply covered with butterfly bandages. A surgical bra and Ace wrap cover your breasts when you return home.


The breasts will be swollen and somewhat bruised for anywhere from 1-4 weeks, and then they may get somewhat “lumpy.” This condition will resolve itself over the next few months without any treatment. After a year your scars are virtually undetectable.

If you want to reduce the size of your breasts or make them more even in size, call Dr. Moskovitz at 201-225-1101 and let’s discuss his scarless procedure.

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