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Do You Have Some Questions About Liposuction?

Liposuction is a very popular cosmetic surgery, ending in the top three every year in the United States plastic surgery procedure totals. When it first came to the U.S. from France (where it was developed) in the 1980s liposuction was a relatively violent procedure involving an aggressive movement of the cannula under the skin to...  read more


BIKINI SEASON IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT - $500 OFF  Suddendly everyone is seeking a curvaceous, rounded posterior.  Receive a $100 gift certificate to VICTORIA'S SECRET to help you show off that new bod! LIPOSUCTION - Flatten that tummy and shrink that waist! Special promotional pricing: FULL ABDOMEN ONLY $3000 PRICING DOES...  read more

Get Rid of Those Stubborn Fat Pockets with Liposuction

Everyone has them — stubborn pockets of fat that are indifferent to your most diligent efforts to remove them. You try dieting. You try exercise. But the fat pockets just keep keeping on. Maybe it’s time to give those fat pockets the treatment they deserve and suction them away with liposuction by Dr. Moskovitz. Not...  read more

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Thank you for an excellent breast augmentation and tummy tuck. I couldn't ask for more. Your staff is the best, very professional and very understanding. I am thankful that I chose you as my surgeon...


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