Keloid Scar Removal

Not all plastic surgeons are experienced in Keloid Scar removal.  Dr. Moskovitz and his team have performed several hundred surgical keloid scar removals, some of them being quite massive.  But even the tiny ones can be unsightly – the good news is that they can easily be removed.  Keloids can be the result of inflammation after a trauma or incision to the skin.  Even a simple incision like an ear piercing or tattoo can eventually become a keloid scar.  Keloids occur when the scar tissue continues to grow in even after healing has occurred.  Some keloids become very thick and unsightly.  Dr. Moskovitz will assess your particular situation and discuss your options at your consultation.  His keloid patients thank him even years after their surgeries – too many people don’t realize that there are safe and effective options.  99% of keloid surgeries are performed in our fully accredited private surgi-center in Paramus, NJ.  Recovery times depend on the size of the scar, but are usually quite minimal.  Call us today to schedule your consultation and find out what your options are.Upload: April 5, 2016

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Thank you for an excellent breast augmentation and tummy tuck. I couldn't ask for more. Your staff is the best, very professional and very understanding. I am thankful that I chose you as my surgeon...


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