Male Breast Reduction

Many men suffer from enlarged breasts. This condition may be caused by hormone imbalances, drug side-effects, or no particular reason at all. No matter what the cause, however, the problem is significant. Image Plastic Surgery is extremely experienced in male breast reduction procedures (Gynecomastia). Enlarged breasts can make wearing clothing difficult and can make a trip to the beach embarrassing. Male breast reduction surgery is an excellent method to take care of this common concern.  We target either fat, breast tissue, or in some cases, both. Many cases can be done with liposuction alone with almost no scars. If there is actual painful, hard, breast tissue, it is removed with an incision hidden on the lower areola. If there is a large drooping breast, some skin will need to be removed.

In most cases, liposuction alone will treat the problem without noticeable scars and with a quick recovery.

Male Breast Reduction Pre-Operative Care

Routine laboratory testing is often performed and photographs are taken to assess post-operative effectiveness after the male breast reduction.

No aspirin, ibuprofen, or similar drugs should be taken within two weeks of the male breast reduction surgery. These medications can cause serious excess bleeding during and after the operation. If you have any questions about drugs you are taking, including over-the-counter preparations and natural herbs, please call us at (201) 225-1101.

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight of the night before your surgery. This includes coffee and juice in the morning. Oral medications can be taken with a sip of water.

Male Breast Reduction Operation

You should be at the office surgicenter or hospital at least 90 minutes prior to your scheduled surgical start time. Bring all paperwork from the office with you, as this will save time on the day of surgery.

The operation is very similar to traditional liposuction in most cases. Intravenous sedation anesthesia (MAC) will be used in the office surgery center, while general or MAC can be used at the hospital. Tumescent solution, a mixture of salt water, epinephrine (an agent to minimize bleeding), and lidocaine (an anesthetic) is placed in the breast through a tiny incision. A cannula, or surgical straw, is then inserted and the fat is removed. Few, if any, stitches are used and you will be placed into an ace wrap and compression vest which you will wear home.

In some cases, the increase in breast size is due to actual breast tissue growth and not simply fat. In those cases liposuction alone will not be enough and an incision will need to be made around the areola/nipple. Through this incision, breast tissue will be removed. Sutures will be needed after this type of surgery and the scars are somewhat more visible, but the overall result is still excellent.

Male Breast Reduction Post-Operative Care

Keep exertion to a minimum for two weeks and wear the compression vest at all times. Seroma, or a collection of fluid under the skin, can form if you are too active or do not wear the vest. Take the pain medicine as prescribed. The scars will be minimal and fade significantly after one year.

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