Turn Back the Clock on Your Tummy

body contouringMost people, especially if they’re over 35, have some sort of pooch in their lower abdomen area. And this is true even if you’re at or close to your ideal weight. If you have children or have gained and lost a good deal of weight, a pooch is almost guaranteed. But even the typical processes of aging, as your muscles and skin lose some of their former tautness, will create a flabbier stomach than you’d like.

And don’t think you’re going to crunch your way out of it… Or buy some fat burning snake oil product… Or buy some new contraption you saw on late night TV.

The reality is that your lower abdomen is a very difficult area to target with exercise and changes in your diet. Fortunately, Dr. Moskovitz can perform liposuction or a tummy tuck to get you back the stomach of your teenage years.Both invasive procedures have similar goals, but they go about getting them in very different manners.

LiposuctionLiposuction is all about suctioning out your unwanted pockets of fat. Each year, liposuction is usually the top or second-most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S. This popularity is due to the fact that, while liposuction is invasive, the procedure has come a long way in becoming much less invasive and easier to recover from. Incisions are very small and the new tumescent approach makes for much less bruising and tissue trauma. Liposuction targets areas where people accumulate fat pockets: the sides of the hips, the area just below the belly button, and the like. Liposuction is best for patients who also still have good elasticity in their stomach skin.

Tummy tuck

Unlike liposuction, tummy tucks don’t target fat pockets, but the loose skin and muscles of the abdomen. This is particularly the case for women who have had children and others who have gained and lost large amounts of weight. The skin has been overstretched for too long and can’t return to its former degree of tautness. Dr. Moskovitz tightens the underlying muscles, pulls down the skin, and trims any excess skin.

Maybe some of each will be right for you

If you have issues with both excess fat and skin laxity in the abdominal area, Dr. Moskovitz combines both liposuction and a tummy tuck as part of your body-contouring plan. Tummy tuck procedures often include some degree of liposuction because liposuction is a more efficient way to remove fat pockets.

Not for weight loss

There is one important note, however. Neither liposuction nor tummy tucks are weight loss procedures. Patients need to be at or near their ideal body weight to qualify for these procedures with Dr. Moskovitz.

You don’t have to have that stomach pooch. Call Dr. Moskovitz at 201-225-1101 and ask about a tummy tuck or liposuction.




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